First World Orthodontic
Biomechanics Symposium

January 24-26.2019
Doha / Qatar

The Need for an Orthodontic Biomechanics Symposium

A thorough understanding and working knowledge of biomechanical principles is an invaluable asset for any orthodontist. Regardless of the preferred and commercially available orthodontic therapy du jour, the success and predictability of any treatment approach is underpinned by the appropriate application of orthodontic forces. 
Proper biomechanical design may even shed light on possible treatment misadventure. Furthermore, a more advanced knowledge of biomechanics enables the orthodontist to create patient-specific, customized appliances to solve even the most challenging of malocclusions. 

The First Orthodontic Biomechanics Symposium has been promoted by Biomede and the Alwehda Medical Group with the key concepts of bringing together the leading clinicians and reaserchers in the field of Biomechanics from around the globe. Attendees will be presented with concepts of the potential for orthodontics therapy, principled on rational biomechanics. We are certain this event will be a milestone in your professional development, and an opportunity not to be missed.

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